Proactiv Solution Reviews

Proactiv Solution is perhaps one of the more popular acne-battling options in the market that caught the eye of plenty of people because of its persuasive and aggressive marketing and advertising strategies. The product has a flashy line of celebrity endorsers which includes Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson, among many others.

A Closer Look at the Ingredients of Proactiv Solution

Proactiv Solutions got its name from the fact that it uses “proactive components” that are carefully mixed and matched to come up with the ideal anti-acne weapon. Some notable ingredients of Proactiv include:

Benzoyl Peroxide

Proactiv’s key active ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide or (BPO). Actually, this component is found in numerous over-the-counter products for acne treatment. Benzoyl Peroxide kills bacteria that cause acne and it also removes cells of dead skin from affected areas.

Glycolic Acid

Another active ingredient in Proactiv is Glycolic Acid. Naturally being an alpha hydroxy acid, Glycolic Acid removed dead skin cells and it also unclogs blocked pores,

Witch Hazel

This component is actually an all-natural disinfectant and skin toner that’s widely used in cosmetics. Witch hazel has cleansing abilities because it contains tannins. Because it can cleanse the pores, the possibilities of skin cell or dirt buildup is decreased, thus the lesser chances of acne formation.


Proactive also contains a variety of inactive components like that of thickening agents. The list of thickeners includes xanthan gum and magnesium aluminum silicate, among many others.


A couple of moisturizers are also some of the elements in Proactiv. Moisturizers employed in Proactive include emollients (those that go about skin protection to stop moisture loss) and humectants (those that reel in moisture from the environment to the skin).

Plant and Fruit Extracts

A couple of fruit and botanical plant extracts are also present in ProActive (e.g. allantoin, panthenol, chamomile, etc). These extracts help in smoothening and hydrating the skin.

The Mode of Action of Proactive

Proactiv Solution comes in 3 multi-step regimen variations – Proactive 3-Step, Proactiv Plus Deluxe, and Proactiv Plus for Teens. Its basic three-step acne treatment program does wonders in this fashion:


The very first step is to to use the Proactiv Renewing Cleanser. This is an oil and soap-free, not to mention medicated cleanser that’s specially made for exfoliation. The cleanser contains prescription-grade BPO that targets and kills bacteria that causes acne. Generally, the cleanser removes the excess oil, impurities, and the dead skin cells.


The Revitalizing Toner is alcohol-free and it can refine and purify one’s pores. On of top that, this botanical-rich concoction can soothe and hydrate skin that’s prone to acne.


The last step to the regiment is the Repairing Treatment. It is a medicated treatment that eradicates the bacteria that causes acne.

Proactiv Solution – Features that Explain the Benefits

Proactiv solution has some truth behind the hype and buzz of it advertisements. These include:

1. An easy acne treatment step-by-step process.

2. It comes in three treatment variations with each variation having its own specialization.

3. There’s a 100% money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase.

Our Verdict

Proactiv Solution might be extremely popular, but the only reason for its popularity is because it is highly endorsed by big names from Hollywood. Nonetheless, bear in mind that popularity doesn’t necessarily mean quality or effectiveness.

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