Different causes of acne

The truth about acne is that even doctors are not agreed on whet the real cause of acne truly is. There is a general consensus that there are may be numerous things that bring forth an out break of acne in different people at different stages of their lives. Majority of people who suffer from acne are teenagers undergoing adolescence and it is thought that this is because of the hormonal imbalance that takes place during such a period of time. The issue of hormones causing acne is also what cause cases of acne during pregnancy as well as when women stop taking birth control pills.


Causes of acne

There are people who get acne because of no other reason but their heredity. This is because such people have a genetic predisposition towards getting acne. If your grand parents, your parents and siblings have had acne for no other known reason, you will also need to know that chances are very high you are going to acne as well.


The increase of a male hormone known as androgens is highly related to the outbreak of acne. This hormone is known to increase greatly in both boys and girls during puberty and it causes the sebaceous glands to make excess sebum, which is natural skin oil. This is the thing that happens during menstruation, pregnancy as well as when women stop or start taking contraceptive pills.

Certain medications

There are certain medications which are known to cause a flare of acne. Some of these medicines include supplements that have androgens as well as lithium.


Women love to use various forms of cosmetics but some of them can contribute to the formation of acne on their skins. This is especially true about the use of cosmetics that are greasy in their nature because it is suspected that they could actually alter the cells of your follicles causing them to cling to each other and the result is a plug.   The same is true about using oil based cosmetics especially by people who have oily skin that is more prone to acne. People with such a skin type should look for non oil based cosmetics.

Reasons for flares of acne  

Perhaps the next important thing address is what generally causes a flare of acne at some time in the life of an individual; some of the reasons for such an occurrence include:

  • Changes in hormonal levels in girls and women that takes place between 2 – 7 days before menstruation.
  • Friction that is caused by leaning or rubbing of the skin by tight clothes or straps such as those of backpacks, guitars, violins etc.
  • Pressure exerted on skin by tight fitting helmets as well as any clothes with tight collars.
  • High levels of environmental pollution from different types of irritants as well as high levels of humidity that cause high rates of perspiration.
  • Picking, squeezing or popping of existing skin blemishes and acne.

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