What causes acne scarring?

The appearance of acne scars on our skin can be a source of anxiety and frustration because they deal a big blow to a person’s self image. This is especially true when the acne scars are at a place like our faces where they are clearly visible to all people. It is therefore important to do everything you possible can in order to prevent acne scars from happening to you.

Moderate acne attacks

Acne scars

Acne attacks that can be considered moderate do not really carry the risk of developing scars not unless they get disturbed by constant handling or you trying to scrape the affected area. Acne scarring is usually as a result of acne getting deeper into the skin to such an extent that it damages the dermis. Many times a break may occur in the affected follicle and that forms a lesion; the affected skin tissue and the bacteria can spill into the dermis which is the inner layer of skin and the healthy skin cells get infected and damaged.

Body goes into repair mode

When any such damage has taken place the body automatically goes into an emergency repair mode and collagen production is stimulated in order to repair the damaged cells. The truth of the matter is that due to the aging process the skin may not be able to a perfect job in repairing the damaged section of the skin. The patching up the follows appears to be dome for functionality as opposed to anything to do with aesthetics.

Types of acne scarring

There are different types of scarring that will take place and this is normally determined by the amount of collagen that is produced. If the skin produces too much collagen the occurring scar will have a bump on it which will make it appear like a raised mass of tissue inside the skin. This kin of acne scarring is known as the keloid scar or hypertrophic scarring and may be the less common type of scarring that happens. The other kind of acne scar happens to be the most common one and it leaves depressions in the scars and is called atrophic scarring. These acne scars occur due to loss of tissue and the body is unable to replace it even after the body has done its best in the repair job.

Inflammation and scarring

What determines whether acne scarring will happen, is normally whether or not there has been inflammation after your acne out break. This may well be the incentive for anyone to seek for prompt medical attention as soon as a person gets an acne attack. There are acne lesions that usually happen under the skin and which can stay for loner periods of time before healing takes place creating greater risks of acne scars.

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